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Barbara Antonuci, Pat Carrier’s daughter, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Ceil Grandjean, who is suffering with shingles.

Two teens in our church with health issues.

George Haser, who will be undergoing some medical testing.

George Box, Marge Gregor's brother, who is recovering from a recent fall.

Bill Dewar Sr., Bill Dewar's dad, who is recovering from open heart surgery.

Barbara Dodd, Ken Procopio's sister-in-law, whose health is failing.

Prayers of comfort and healing needed for the sister of a church member.

Lois Finch, who continues with back problems.

Scott Anderson, Wayne & Aline Townsend's son-in-law, who is receiving treatment for a medical issue.

Albert Glover, Marilyn Czapnik's brother, who has Parkinson's.

Margaret Erickson, Virginia Williamson's niece, who has cancer.

Dottie Zimmer’s sister, Helena Reed, who is fighting cancer.

Dr. John Burlein, who was injured in a fall.

Carl Michko, who is receiving chemotherapy & radiation for salivary cancer.

Bruce Kovatch, who has received his heart transplant.

Karen Sheppard, who is fighting cancer.

A loved one who is being treated for multiple sclerosis.

Travis Rutledge, who suffered a football injury that is requiring several surgeries.

Betty Cameron, who will be undergoing surgery for cancer.

Cathy Collins, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Nancy Piercy, who had shoulder replacement surgery after a fall.

Darlene Haun, who has serious health issues.

Marilyn Jones, who has cancer.

Louis Lintner, who is very ill with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Tom Sweely, who has suffered a head injury.

Kokou Loko, a missionary who is bringing the message of salvation to those in Togo, Africa.

Our missionary, Adam Gould of eduKenya, who is building mission programs in the slums of Kenya.


Please pray for a cure for the many types of cancer and continue to pray for those of all ages continuing treatments: Kat Basile, Katie Carmody, Dee Chaffee, Kenny Fisher, Deb Gumble-Gelatt, John Kelly, Ed King and Tracy Peterson, and also for those with other ongoing health problems and treatments: Ben Anderson, Sarah Bianchi, Shirley Casey, Peter Chaffee, Donna Cook, Brandon Cory, Derek DiMedici, Deege Holgate, Mickey Krom, Danielle Lazaro, Rev. Ted Muller, Karen Nowaski, Jennifer Erk Reed, Megan Spaulding, Thelma Spry, William Spry, Maynard Stratton, Patty Stugart, Aline Townsend, Jean Weber, Fred Weist and Ryan Yannone.


Please keep our service men and women and their families in your prayers.

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